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Throughout her life, Laurie Murray has had many different relationships with her parents and other relatives. One of the most important relationships she has had has been with her mother. Although she was adopted, she was very close to her biological mother, and they have continued to communicate and maintain a strong relationship.


Whether you’re a fan of Wicca or not, you may have heard of Laurie Murray. She’s the author of several books about medieval religion. Her work has received grants from the Bradley Foundation and she’s been named a fellow of the Manhattan Institute. She has also received a doctorate honoris causa from the Universidad Francisco Marroquin. She’s been a frequent contributor to the magazine The Public Interest and she was awarded the Irving Kristol Award by the AEI in 2009. She’s also been a contributor to the book, Losing Ground: A Case Study in Welfare Reform. Her book had a major impact on the debate about welfare reform in 1996.

Murray was also a world traveler and her interest in occultism likely inspired her to write about these topics. She was initiated into a coven in the 1930s, and she was a member of the Highcliffe coven in England.


Until recently, most people had not heard of the existence of Laurie Eastwood. It is now known that she was adopted by a Seattle couple, but she was not aware of her identity until many years later. She attended the University of Washington, and later married Lowell Thomas Murray III, a prominent Lakewood family member. Murray Pacific, a timber company he ran, became a successful investment firm. He also owns a large home in Lakewood. He has eight children, six of which are married. In 2015, Murray Pacific sold its timber business and moved its focus to an investment firm in California.

In 2004, Clint Wood took Laurie to the Oscars. She was photographed with other children at the premiere in Los Angeles. It was only later that she discovered her biological father. After a reunion with Clint, her daughter Alison wrote about it in her book. Ultimately, she gave her name to the photographers as ‘Laurie Eastwood’.

Relationship with her mother

Throughout the years, the relationship between Clint Eastwood and his daughter Laurie Murray has evolved from being completely unconventional to becoming a close friendship. They share a love of golf, travel, and family vacations. They attended the Oscars together in 2004, when Clint Wood brought his daughter Laurie to the ceremony.

A year later, Clint and his ex-wife Dina Wood went on vacation in Maui, Hawaii. They also owned a home in a private gold course in LA. They were pictured in a limo with their daughter in 2004.

In 2006, Clint’s mother passed away. It was then that he became aware that his daughter was his. He wrote down that he was the father on the adoption documents. He has seven children from various relationships. However, his daughter was the last to join the complicated family tree.

Upon finding out that she was adopted, Laurie Murray began looking for her birth parents. She hired someone to help her find them and found that her biological mother had been a friend of Clint Eastwood’s.In October, she was diagnosed with throat cancer and has undergone 30 days of radiation treatment. She said she plans to beat it.


When Eastwood discovered that his daughter was his, he welcomed her into the family. He had a relationship with her mother during his first marriage. But he was not aware that his daughter was pregnant. He was engaged to Maggie Johnson at the time of her conception.

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