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Makeup has been a form of art experienced in all cultures and ethnicities. Different cultural groups and countries have different applications of makeup. Most recently, French makeup has been on a trend to grow extensively. Due to the aesthetic nature of this form of makeup as well as the unique look that it brings to women, French makeup has become quite popular. Let’s have a look at French makeup as well as a simple method to be the “perfect French woman” as well. slbux

Overview of the French Makeup

In simplest terms, French makeup concerns detailing your natural features and making them more prominent. This kind of makeup is not focused on creating any extraordinary details on the face or giving a look that does not match your face in routine. Instead, it is a minimalistic approach to makeup that helps to give you a symmetrical and unanimous look at all times. French women set themselves apart from everyone else by making sure that their natural beauty is focused and any extra form of makeup is not applied.

Comparing this with some Asian as well as American cultures which are too much for some audiences, the French makeup is a good approach to style yourself without creating a different image about yourself. This is because of the important belief of the French which is “You are beautiful in yourself” and “Your real self is the most important part of you. Never compromise or try to modify it”mywikinews

Essentials of French Makeup

There are several aspects involved in French makeup which separate it from the American makeup as well as allow the women to give away that natural look. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Skincare Routine

To ensure that your skin gives away a flawless look regardless of makeup or not, the French women are keen and active in their skincare routine. They use different types of soaps, face washes, and other products to make sure that their skin stays perfect with or without makeup. AS a result of this, there is no need for excessive makeup products to hide away any kind of pimple marks, acne marks, scratches, or any other types of skin marks.

French women ensure that the skincare routine is strictly followed so that their skin does not have any impurities. It is recommended that you invest in a good range of cleansing products, face washes, and soothing creams. Take 15 to 30 minutes every evening to attend to your skincare needs every day. Follow the proper French skincare routine to make sure that your skin gives away the glow in a natural manner. After following the proper skincare routine for just 15 days, you will start to feel a visible difference in your skin.

Keep in mind that a good skincare routine is fundamentally based on having a healthy diet. Begin changing your diet first to a more healthy one. Eat fruits and vegetables containing high antioxidants which keep the harmful toxins and free radicals away from the skin. It will also give you a natural glow, fast.

Take Care of the Nails

The French are very particular about their professional and clean outlook. Most women do not have any long nails while those that do carry them carefully. You need to be very precise about these minor details because it matters in French makeup. One of the things essential in French makeup is to regularly undergo manicures and pedicures. In case you have a busy schedule, you can easily do a French manicure at home. Keep in mind that natural nails are acceptable only in France which is why you shouldn’t wear fake nails if you are following french makeup. It shows vulgarity in French culture.

Apart from that, take care of the nail color as well.  Unlike the nails we usually see these days, the French women have their nails clean, neat, and with only a single color. There is no excessive creativity involved in it. This is again in line with the principle of focusing maximum on their natural beauty and not applying anything extra that deviates the attention from natural beauty to artificial beauty. French women are keen on chic classics when it comes to nail polishes which is why there are few limited colors only.

Keep in mind that it is quite popular in France for women to not apply nail polish and instead, have the nails buffed up to give away a crystal clear shine from them. Few products used by French women for their nails include cuticle oil, finger oil, nail oil, nail polish, buffer, and nail glow enhancer as well.

A woman with French makeup.

Not Using Foundation

One of the quite interesting aspects of French makeup is that the women don’t apply foundation on their skin. Instead, concealer is used to an extent such as under the eyes, around the nose, and similar other areas as well. Still, if they feel like they need to cover up some spots in the skin, they use a moisturizer but do not use a foundation as it violates the principle of natural beauty.

They can use different types of BB or CC creams to cover up. As a result of this, it does not become visually apparent that any form of the foundation has been applied and it covers up the marks easily. Therefore, keep in mind that if you are going for French makeup, you should not be using foundation.

The Natural Brows

Maintaining your eyebrows is a core part of any makeup but it is quite unusual in France. French women are not keen on managing their eyebrows. They do not pay any special focus on the eyebrows and just keep them like they are. However, if they are going a bit out of the structure, they do get their eyebrows done. Even in this case, no sharp lines or pointy ends are noticed as the French women like to keep the chic classic version and natural beauty perception as it is. Therefore, if you are following French makeup, ensure that your eyebrows are as natural as they look. Do not shape them.

Using Blush and Bronzer

French makeup does involve the use of blush and bronzer. However, this is done in a lighter manner, just like other aspects of French makeup. For example, you need to apply the blush in lighter shades at very specific parts instead of the wider area of the face. While the blush is used minimally, French makeup dictates that it should be blended with the skin so that it looks as natural as it can.

Try to keep your blush color close to your skin color or the color of your concealer. Make sure that you aren’t using any shocking colors. The blush apple color should be somewhere between pale to pale apricot.

As far as the Bronzer is concerned, you need to use it to give your face a much more defined look. The bronzer should not have any shimmer because you want to retain the natural look. In case you have glowing skin, you won’t even require any shimmer-inclusive bronzer. When you want to apply bronzer, start from the forehead to cheekbones and then to your chin. Use a kabuki brush so that you don’t overdo it. Also, apply on the nose bridge when you get it down to the chin.

The Eyes

A key part of any makeup style are the eyes. To ensure you have a natural French look, you need to keep the eyeshadow in a nude shade. A shiny or glossy shade will not complement the French look. Soft and lighter colors should be used such as light brown, peach, and beige. These colors usually match your skin and cover up any marks around the eyes. Gold eyeshadow is a max you should be using if you are going up for a really fancy party. A good alternative to using eyeshadow is using a bronzer around the eyes. This will even the eyes and bring out the proper definition in your eyes.

As far as the eyelashes are concerned, you can simply curl the eyelashes. One must not add any kind of fake eyelashes as they are not a part of French makeup. If you are interested in giving the eyelashes more definition, color, and appearance, you can add light coats of mascara to them. Even then, it is recommended to balance them out such that they do not look odd against all other parts of your face. IF you have dark eyelashes, you don’t need to worry at all.

Many French women skip the part of mascara and just go for the natural look like it is.

The Lip Color

Now that your entire face is ready, the most prominent feature of your face, the lips are still to be done. Unlike the other aspects of French makeup, this one is relatively easier and quite different too. French makeup requires you to wear red lipstick. This is a proper red color rather than a very basic red. To make sure that it stays well along with your natural look, try to blend it as much as possible. You can use a soft toothbrush for this purpose.

In case you are going somewhere casual with French makeup, you should use a balm instead of lipstick as it will enhance the color and contrast of your lips while giving them a shine and more definition too. Even if you are using lipstick, a lip balm would still help you retain that look for a longer time.


The fashion industry is growing and has more options than ever available and that incudes beauty routines and makeup.  As it appears, French makeup is quite minimalistic and does not require any form of detailed makeup. The simple yet classic look is something that is worn by French women in an excellent manner. It also gives the idea that the French women are proud of their natural look and do not want to give away any fake beauty. From the tutorial on French makeup above, you can see that it is quite easy to perform with limited makeup in every aspect. We hope that you are really able to give away the chic look French women do!

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