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Are Digital Camera Photographs Better Than Film?

The question is: Are digital camera photographs better than film? Film has its benefits, too. It can capture a much wider dynamic range than a digital camera. Unlike a digital camera, film does not require editing to increase saturation or lift shadows. The image is perfectly captured in all aspects. That said, film photographs tend to be a little more expensive than their digital counterparts. And if you aren’t sure which one to use, consider going with film.

One obvious advantage of digital cameras is that they allow you to take many more pictures at one time. There is no need to retouch the photos in post-production. Moreover, they can take multiple images in quick succession, capturing the best micro-second of a pose. Lastly, digital cameras can capture metadata, which film cannot do. Metadata is information about the photo that you took. The EXIF specification stores this information.

If you don’t care about perfect results, film may be the best choice. Film is an incredible medium for capturing mood and emotion. Some film photographers prefer roaming the countryside or capturing city kids playing sports. In either case, you will probably get better prints from digital photos. If you’re selling your photographs, film is a good choice. A 6MP digital camera will deliver better prints for the vast majority of people.

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