Auto Accident In Bellevue: Check 3 Essential Details Here

The busy roads of Bellevue are prone to traffic mishaps. While no one gets behind the wheel assuming the worst, things can go wrong. When involved in a car crash in the city, you should know your rights. If the other driver could have avoided the mishap or was drunk or speeding, they are liable for their negligent action. As the victim, you can file a personal injury claim and ask for compensation for your losses. In other words, Washington is a fault state. In this post, we have enlisted three critical facts, including the need to meet an auto accident attorney in Bellevue.

  • Pure comparative negligence rule in Washington: In many states, a party is barred from recovering compensation from the other if Uniquelastname they are more at fault for a car accident. That’s not the case in Washington. As per the pure comparative negligence rule, you can file a lawsuit against the other driver even when you are more accountable for the crash than them. Your fault will determine what you get as the final amount for your losses. The other party will also have the same right, and it is best to evaluate the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit. Nationaldaytime
  • Deadline for auto accident lawsuits: The statute of limitations has a deadline for most injury lawsuits. Whether you are suing for bodily injuries, property damage, or the death of a loved one, you have three years to file a case. A wrongful death lawsuit must be initiated within three years from the date of death, while you must file an injury claim within three years from the date of injury. Please note that the statute of limitations is only applicable to civil lawsuits.
  • You need a lawyer: Hiring an auto accident attorney is essential for recovering a fair settlement. Lawyers are all versed with state laws and have an adequate understanding of how to pursue a case. A local lawyer in Bellevue will also take care of the paperwork and the entire insurance claims process, allowing you time to recover. If you are worried about the cost of legal counsel, remember the lawyer only gets a share of the settlement, which means their fee is due only when you win.

Before you choose a lawyer for your auto accident claim, check if they have courtroom experience and represent your side at trial if necessary. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better chances they will have to prove your case. Nextnationalday

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