Benefits of Opening a General Trading Company in Dubai

A general trading license allows the business owner to sponsor multiple employee visas. The number of visas will depend on the size of the office. A more prominent office will be able to sponsor more visas. The businessman can also sponsor the dependents of employees. However, it is important to seek advice from an expert before beginning the process. In addition, a general trading license will allow the business owner to import and export goods. This will help them sell their products in an overseas market.

Easy to set up

Setting up a general trading company in Dubai is relatively simple, but it requires following specific legal steps and obtaining certain approvals. First, you need to decide which jurisdiction to register your company in. After that, you must secure a sponsor and complete certain legal formalities.

The most common structure for a general trading company is an LLC. This structure combines the flexibility of a partnership and the benefits of a limited liability company. It also allows you to operate in more than one jurisdiction. Low taxation is one of the most significant benefits of setting up a general trading company in the UAE. The UAE only applies 5% VAT to all trade transactions, making it an attractive option for foreign companies.

Furthermore, company setup in Dubai General Trading License from the DED allows foreign companies to set up an office in the UAE and engage in local markets. It is a seamless process to set up a company in the UAE, and the most famous structure is an LLC. Moreover, you will easily access a bank account, as UAE banks allow multi-currency transactions, making it convenient for you to manage the company’s finances.

Easy to get the license

To receive a General Trading License in the UAE, you must first decide on a trading name for your company. You will also need to choose the business activities that you want to carry out with your company. The type of activities you choose will determine how profitable your business will be. The General Trading License allows you to carry out up to ten different activities in the UAE, and deciding which ones will be most profitable is essential. Once you’ve made this decision, you will apply for a General Trading License from the Free Zone or Department of Economic Development.


A tax court has ruled that General Trading’s authorized share increases should not be taxable income. The judge, in this case, agreed that the ten million shares number is arbitrary, and the company is entitled to a refund of the tax it paid. But what about the shares that General Trading issued?

General Trading Company is a family-owned business. As a result, it is not a public company that is required to adopt corporate governance. But it has the benefit of diverse business activities, connections with customers and partners, and a robust global information and logistics network mytoptweets. It also has the financial power to expand its business opportunities. Typically, the company develops businesses focused on business investment and trade.

The company is one of the top 100 SMEs in Dubai, with strong brand recognition. It has many prominent clients, including Emirates, Milk & Honey, Etihad Airways, Jumeirah Group, and Kempinski Hotels & Resorts. It also employs experienced executives with at least three years of experience. And it has several branches in the UAE and China. As a result, it is well-positioned to capitalize on globalization and emerging markets worldwide.


It is accepted that there are several factors to consider when choosing a Company registration in Dubai. These include the location, Shareholders, and Corporate governance. It would be best if you also considered the company’s marketing strategy. In the UAE, marketing is a critical aspect of any business. If you’re considering relocating your business to Dubai, make sure that you know the details about the government’s regulations.

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