Chin reconstruction surgery

The purpose of chin reshaping surgery is to correct a chin that is disproportionate to the face. This causes the face to look soft.

Requirements for chin sharpening surgery

The only way to do it is to know what part of your chin you want to reduce. But most of the time, surgeons often find that patients have problems with the chin that protrudes too far forward and does not match the face shape. When the patient finds out what kind of chin shape he wants, he consults with the surgeon to agree on a mutual understanding and then begins the chin reshaping surgery.

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How to have chin sharpening surgery

Start with general anesthesia for the patient. Then open the wound from the inside of the mouth (to make no wound from the outside), which the doctor will do surgery on will be located inside the mouth at the front of the gum line. After we open the wound, we will begin to sharpen the chin by scrolling the bone that is too protruding down to about one. If the patient wants a square chin or a larger chin to be smaller, the doctor will sweep on the side instead. Rewind until you get the desired shape. After that, the wound will be sutured back to normal.

After the procedure, there is usually a small incision in the mouth. The doctor will sew the wound with dissolving threads to dissolve on its own. The patient may have pain similar to with only a slight burn The second story will be swelling or green around the chin. Especially those who are easy to green may be obvious. But normal people may have more swelling. In general, the most swelling is during the first 2-3 days of surgery. The pain was the same. After that, it will continue to abate for 2-3 weeks and you will begin to see the results that the swelling has subsided.


You’ll have a more contoured and smoother face.

The duration of the surgery is 1-2 hours.

side effects

Most patients will feel tightness at the surgical incision area. This symptom will gradually disappear after 1 week of surgery, the severity and duration of side effects will vary. Especially if there is another type of surgery involved.

medical treatment

The surgeon will cover the bandage for approximately 2 to 3 days. During this time, the patient will need to eat soft or watery food to prevent any impact on the wound. Patients may experience wound swelling or pain. These symptoms can be alleviated by a surgeon’s prescription.

recovery period

– Swelling and bruising will disappear about 6 weeks after the surgery.

– Length of stay in hospital after surgery

– The patient must stay at the hospital for 1 night to see the results of the surgery.

– Use of pain relievers before surgery

Caring for chin surgery wounds

Your surgeon will recommend how to clean the wound inside your mouth to prevent infection. Patients will need to eat foods that are easy to chew and avoid moving their mouths during the first postoperative period. Refrain from activities that may cause trauma to the wound, such as running, housework, and sex within the first 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Patients can resume their normal daily activities after about 10 days after the surgery.

preparation before surgery

– Please report allergic reactions to medicines. or dietary supplements currently used before surgery

– If there is a congenital disease Please inform the surgeon in advance.

– Stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E 2 weeks before surgery.

– Refrain from smoking 2 weeks before the surgery and 4 weeks after the surgery.

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