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Decorative Vinyl Backsplash Panels

If you are in the market for a decorative vinyl backsplash panel, there are several options available. These panels can be found in different shapes and designs, and they are easy to install. They are also available in a variety of finishes. And they can be cut to fit any size and shape. This makes them a great choice for any backsplash project.

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Fasade decorative vinyl backsplash panels

Fasade decorative vinyl backsplash panels are flexible, lightweight, and easy to install. They also come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. You can even cut them to fit any shape or size. However, orders that weigh more than 151 pounds may be shipped by Freight, and this will require you to adhere to the Oversized Item Delivery/Return policy.

Art3d(r) peel and stick tiles

Art3d(r) peel and stick tile is easy to install over any smooth surface. They are ideal for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. They are heat-resistant and do not damage existing panels. The only caveat is that they are not suitable for textured wallpaper or latex walls. If you’re going to install these tiles on a latex wall, be sure to use 3M Spray Adhesive.

When you use peel and stick tiles, the adhesive backing on the tiles is incredibly strong and will not come off. If you don’t have an adhesive roller, you can use a utility knife. Peel and stick tiles can be placed on a variety of surfaces, including the walls, floors, and fireplace. They can be cleaned with soap and water and are highly durable. You can update your old fireplace with these tiles in as little as 30 minutes.

Art3d(r) pressed tin tiles

Art3d offers a full line of vinyl peel and stick backsplash panels, including modern 3d panels, reclaimed wood panelings, coconut mosaics, and vinyl peel and stick backsplash tiles. All are made from bamboo pulp and ABS for a realistic look, and can be easily applied without any special tools. If you prefer a non-porous backsplash, you can choose faux peel and stick vinyl tiles. These are a cheaper option and can be easily installed on a wall.

Art3d 10 Ft Peel and Stick Trim is a trim designed to be used along the edges of the backsplash tile and corner decor. Available in white, it’s perfect for corner decor and backsplash tile edges.

Clever Mosaics decorative vinyl backsplash panels

Clever Mosaics are a great option for backsplashes and wall tile. They’re easy to install and maintain, are waterproof, and are affordable. Even better, there’s no need for special tools to install them. Plus, the self-adhesive tiles don’t require grout or special adhesives.

The vinyl tile backsplash panels look like ceramics and stones. Installing these panels is easy because they’re lightweight and flexible. They also come in a variety of different colors and finishes. And, if you’re unsure what size or shape you want, you can cut the panels to fit any area.

Clever Mosaics faux tin

These faux tin backsplash panels look like real tin tile with a subtle silver sheen. The panels are sold in rolls that are 18″ wide and 9′ long, and they can be easily removed without leaving sticky residue. They can also be repositioned. However, you should only use them on dry surfaces and never apply them to textured walls.


These backsplash panels are made of thermoplastic embossed material that is designed to mimic the look of tin ceilings in vintage homes. They are thin enough to cut with scissors and lightweight enough to hang with decorative nails. They are also available in 18 different metallic finishes. For a more custom look, you can even paint the panels to create a unique color combination.

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