Filing A San Diego Car Accident Claim While Not Having Police Report

Realization of the seriousness of injuries after an accident takes time. Often, a person misunderstood the seriousness of the injury and didn’t file a police report. However, as the worsening of the injury or a complication in recovery calls for a compensation claim, people often emerge confused about whether one can file a claim without possessing a police report. The best way to clear such doubts is to talk to a San Diego car accident lawyer and provide all the case details to seek guidance regarding future procedures.

Does One Have The Right To File A Claim Without Police Report?

Yes, even if one doesn’t possess a police report, one can still file a compensation claim.

To claim compensation for an injury, one must prove that someone else was at fault. Providing a police report would be essentially beneficial as it would contain all the relevant information encompassing the details of the accident, statements of eyewitnesses, and finally, the views of the police on the accident and conclusion regarding who was at fault.

Additional Evidence That Might Be Used To Prove The Case

But in several unfortunate circumstances, the police report can’t be collected on time, which might confuse the victims regarding the compensation claim. However, various other pieces of evidence might prove effective in proving the innocence of the victim.

Statement Of Passengers And Eye Witnesses

If other passengers have accompanied one in a vehicle accident, their statements might help provide details about the incident. Statements from eyewitnesses can also act as strong evidence in strengthening a case. 

Video Recordings And Images

If the accident has occurred within the purview of a local business’s camera footage, it needs to be collected as soon as possible. Moreover, an image of the incident might also be compelling evidence before the court, the jury, or the insurance provider.

Black Box Data

The black box data of the negligent driver can also be used as proof, including information like the vehicle’s speed or the brakes’ application. Still, this data needs to be recovered quickly after the accident. 

Final Thoughts

Most often, due to the seriousness of the injury, it becomes impossible for one to collect all the evidence timely if one doesn’t have a police report. Hiring a personal injury attorney will help one to relax. At the same time, the lawyer manages all the responsibilities of gathering evidence, negotiating the compensation amount, and handling possible legal implications.

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