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HealthTap is an app-based telehealth service that provides its users with access to a large network of qualified doctors. Its free features include a symptom checker and an online question-and-answer library with millions of doctor answers.

The platform allows its members to book appointments with doctors via video and text chats, and doctors can make referrals, fill prescriptions, and order labs. It also allows its members to upload a digital health record, which is useful for transferring data between doctors and patients.


HealthTap – doctor chat offers members the opportunity to text with a primary care physician anytime for quick questions and follow-ups.

It also has a wide range of treatment options for members, including mental and behavioral health, sexual health, travel medicine, chronic care, senior health, wellness, prevention, and lifestyle. Its team of physicians and specialists work to provide quality healthcare to a broad spectrum of patients, at affordable prices.

The app also has a symptom checker that uses AI to help users determine if they need to see a doctor. This is a good option for patients who aren’t sure whether they need a consultation, as well as for employers and insurers to reduce the cost of unnecessary visits.

There is a basic plan that doesn’t require a subscription payment, and a Prime plan that costs $15 per month — billed three months at a time — $45. The Prime plan is more expensive than the Basic plan, but it may be worth it for patients who are covered by insurance.


HealthTap – doctor chat offers instant, live, telemedicine-based medical and mental health consultations through a desktop or mobile app. Members can schedule video appointments with doctors for primary care or urgent care services, depending on the subscription plan.

You can also submit anonymous health questions to HealthTap physicians and receive a free response within 24 hours. Doctors can answer questions about your symptoms and diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, and order lab tests.

In addition to telemedicine, HealthTap also offers a free symptom checker and online medical library for quick answers to common health questions. Members can also request a referral to specialists.

The company claims to have 90,000 U.S.-based, board-certified doctors who go through a comprehensive credentialing process. The network includes physicians from private practice, medical-maintenance organizations, and premiere academic settings like Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medicine, and Mayo Clinic.


HealthTap – doctor chat is an interactive health network that connects patients with medical experts for healthcare advice anytime, anywhere. It offers video, text, and audio visits via mobile apps and its website.

This is a secure service that is HIPAA-compliant, says founder Ron Gutman. He said it allows patients to have private health conversations with doctors for a low Celebrity net worth price.

It also gives patients access to a large library of doctor-written health articles, care guides, and treatment reminders. Users can search the library to find answers to questions or use a new “symptom checker” that uses artificial intelligence to provide intelligent explanations of symptoms and next steps in care.


HealthTap – doctor chat has a reputation for offering free, expert medical advice. It’s a resource for consumers who are looking for medical answers, and it’s also a platform for doctors to earn extra income.

Moreover, HealthTap Prime offers unlimited 24/7 live consults with top doctors via HD video and chat for a monthly subscription fee. This service is available on most mobile devices and personal computers.

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