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How to choose “skincare” for sensitive skin

girls with delicate skin Sounds like a cherished mouse. But if someone has this type of skin You’ll know how frustrating and disturbing it is. Because you will use anything with caution. Therefore, skincare for sensitive skin must not contain any irritating ingredients, as women with this skin type are prone to rashes, swelling, inflammation or redness. If using products with too harsh chemicals, MIRROR recommends choosing a simpler skin care routine. with other skin types

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– Use only non-foaming cleansers. This ensures that it is a sulphate-free product. And if it contains Glycerin and Panthenol, even better because these two ingredients can help build a strong skin barrier.

– Choose a toner that does not contain alcohol or acidic substances. And switch to products with non-irritating and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Green Tea and Chamomile, or ceramides that help restore and maintain skin’s natural barrier.

– Avoid skin creams containing synthetic fragrances, alcohol and dyes. Because these ingredients tend to cause irritation. or easily disturb the skin

– Zinc Oxide Sunscreen is still a gentle formula and has the least chance of causing skin irritation.

Sensitive skin, what is good to use?

Having sensitive skin is the most troubling thing. In choosing a nourishing cream at all. Because there are a lot of limitations in choosing each one. Must be gentle on the skin and does not irritate the skin Including having to look at the ingredients in that cream as well, today we have a cream for sensitive skin for you. It is a cream suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin especially. It has been certified to be gentle on the skin. After using it, it doesn’t irritate. What brands are there to follow?

ORIGINS Ginzing Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer

It is an oil-free formula moisturizer. That helps add moisture to the skin and awakens the skin to look alive. Contains ginseng extract to help skin feel rejuvenated. And there is a mixture of caffeine from coffee beans that helps whiten skin naturally. gentle on skin After using it does not cause irritation.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar DUO (+)

It is a cream that is suitable for people with acne problems and clogged pores. Because this helps reduce clogging that causes acne. Reduce the occurrence of clogged acne. Helps control oiliness on the face and helps reduce redness Black marks caused by acne. Along with helping to moisturize the skin Make the skin smooth, soft, healthy, most importantly, this can be used as a makeup base as well.

Pharmacok’f Burnova Gel Plus

It is an aloe vera gel cream suitable for people with acne and sensitive skin. Due to the fact that aloe vera reduces inflammation by up to 99.5%, combined with 5% melon extract, it helps to increase moisture effectively. Makes the skin strong and healthy, plus it does not cause skin irritation as well.

Physiogel Calming Relief Cream For Dry, Irritated And Sensitive Skin

It is a triple relief cream that helps reduce dry, itchy and irritated skin problems. Contains lipids similar to those found naturally in the skin. Reduces congestion and redness Along with helping to provide excellent moisture to the skin. Contains no harmful substances or substances that cause skin irritation.

ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung 5-Panthenoside Cica Balm

It is a gel-cream with a mixture of Panthenoside™ nourishes the skin and helps form a protective barrier. and help restore damaged skin effectively Stimulates the skin to regenerate naturally and has Dust Defense™ that helps prevent small dust particles. Along with having a pH value of 7 that makes it not irritating to the skin after using it. Sensitive and sensitive skin can also be used.

Bioderma Sensibio Light

It is a cream that contains natural extracts to help reduce inflammation. And relax the burning sensation and irritate the skin as well. Helps protect sensitive skin, strengthens the skin and helps to deeply moisturize the skin. Make your skin smooth and healthy. Most importantly, it does not contain perfumes, soaps and preservatives.

Oriental Princess Natural Power C Miracle Brightening Complex Lightening Day Cream

It is a day cream that is suitable for sensitive skin. gentle on skin Helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells Reduce dark spots to fade. and helps the skin to be smooth and radiant naturally

Ezerra Cream

This cream is very gentle on the skin. After using it does not cause skin irritation. No steroids, no fragrance and no parabens added. Contains Spent Grain Wax, Shear Butter extract, Argania spinosa kernel oil, natural extracts. Helps restore and nourish the skin effectively. Can be used by both children and adults and helps retain moisture in the skin for a long time. Make your skin smooth and healthy.

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