How to Propose Your Girlfriend

Congratulations! You’ve committed to your girlfriend and are now ready for the next step. Proposing to her is an exciting and romantic way to express your love for her, but there are many different ways this can be done—some of which aren’t so romantic. So to make sure that your proposal is perfect for the girl you love and that it doesn’t end up in a rejected pile of glitter on her bedroom floor (true story), we’ve put together a list of helpful tips:

Following Steps

  • Take her to a very special place. It’s important that the location you choose is one that holds meaning for both of you and will add to the excitement of the proposal.
  • Set up candles and rose petals ahead of time, if possible (and even if it isn’t). This will help set the mood and make everything feel more romantic. You can write some quotes about crush.
  • Call in help—if necessary—to ensure things go smoothly on your big day. There’s no shame in having your best friend hold their breath while you pop the question!
  • Get down on one knee, take her hand, and then say the right words: “Will you marry me?”

Find the right place

The most important thing to remember is that you want the place where you propose to be, one where your girlfriend will feel comfortable and relaxed. You might have a specific location in mind, but if it feels like too much pressure or has too many distractions, then it’s probably not the right place for this particular moment.

The first step is to choose an ideal location that meets all of these criteria:

  • Private—you don’t want any other people around when asking your partner-to-be to spend their life with you
  • Quiet—there should be no loud noises or interruptions from others that could potentially make your partner nervous or uncomfortable
  • Special—this doesn’t necessarily mean going somewhere exotic or expensive; rather, it means finding a place that has meaning for both of you

Take her to a very special place (such as where you met)

Next, plan on taking her to an extraordinary place (such as where you met) that is meaningful to both of you. Take some time to think about it and make sure the location is appropriate for what kind of proposal you have in mind.

She must feel comfortable and safe at this location, so be sure it’s somewhere she would enjoy going with you. You can also make this place more romantic by bringing along some flowers or other small tokens that remind her of your love for each other. Finally, if any activities are available at the spot (such as hiking), consider doing them together beforehand, so it feels more natural to get down on one knee later that day!

Set up candles and rose petals

You can do this step right before you propose. First, buy roses and rose petals online or make them at home. Then, light candles and place them around where you’ll be submitting to your girlfriend.

Make sure the candles are in a safe place—they shouldn’t be close enough to catch anything on fire! Rose petals are also easy to make yourself: take some red tissue paper and cut out little rose shapes from it with scissors; then roll each piece up into a tube shape (like a candy wrapper). When you’re finished rolling, tape them together end-to-end so that they form large chains of rose-shaped pieces of red tissue paper hanging from small strings in your room. This will look beautiful when lit by candlelight!

Call in help

You’ve decided to propose. You’re excited, but you should also be nervous. If this is your first time proposing or if it’s been a while since your last proposal, chances are you’re not 100% confident in every aspect of the process. That’s okay! Everyone needs some help sometimes—and there are plenty of ways to get it.


  • You aren’t sure of the answer
  • You are nervous about asking her directly
  • You don’t know what to say when proposing
  • Or if you have no idea how best to ask someone for their hand in marriage.

Get down on one knee

This is the moment your lady has been waiting for, so don’t screw it up! If you can, take a deep breath and use this time to reflect on how lucky you are to have found such a wonderful person. Then get down on one knee and say whatever words come into your mind—just make sure they express how much you love her, or she may think it’s just another lame attempt at getting out of paying for dinner.

Once you’ve finished speaking and she’s crying tears of joy, take off the ring (if applicable) and place it gently onto her finger with both hands—this symbolizes that all of your future actions will be done with care as long as she wears this ring as proof that she will always be loved by her partner in life for eternity which has nothing to do with marriage but still sounds nice anyway!

Say the right words.

When you’re proposing to your girlfriend, two things matter most. You need to be sincere and romantic. There’s no reason for your proposal to be anything but honest, but you can make it unique by being specific and showing confidence in yourself as a man, which will make her want to marry you all the more.

There are many ways to do this: why not try being spontaneous? Or maybe cook her favorite meal and make some music (nothing too cheesy). If she likes wine or champagne, buy some nice bottles with labels that reflect how much you love her.

More than words (Tell her why you love her, describing everything that makes her so unique to you.)

Tell her how you feel about her, describing everything that makes her so unique to you. Be specific, don’t be afraid to show your feelings, and, most importantly, be genuine. She will appreciate the effort and know that this is coming from your heart.

Give her a ring to seal your proposal with a kiss

A ring should be a symbol of your love for her, as well as a symbol of your commitment to her. If possible, it’s best if the ring is a surprise. If you’re planning on proposing at home, maybe try hiding the ring in some flowers or in some food and then popping it out when she least expects it (this can also work with something like chocolate).

If you’re going to ask her in public, make sure that the location is special and meaningful to both of you—it’s not just about getting down on one knee—but also about where this moment has happened. You’ll want to choose somewhere romantic or fun that will make both of you happy!

Follow these steps and propose to your girlfriend.

The most important thing to remember is that you should be yourself. Don’t try too hard, or else you’ll come off as fake or insincere. You want her to feel like it’s coming from the heart and not like some rehearsed performance in front of your friends.

This is an exciting time for both of you, but don’t forget about your girlfriend’s feelings! While it’s okay (and expected) for you to be nervous, don’t let that anxiety take over your life so much that it affects her happiness on the day of the proposal.

You’ve probably already been thinking about how to propose for a while now—and maybe even have a plan set in place—but here are some quick tips on how to make sure all goes according to plan:


You should now have all the tools to propose to your girlfriend. Take your time and ensure you are prepared for whatever may come. You can always try again if this first attempt fails, but it’s best to ensure everything is perfect before you go down on one knee! Good luck out there!

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