How to provide maintenance to outdoor led display

LED display has been a popular choice for outdoor media advertising in recent years. Here are ten tips to ensure outdoor LED screen last a long time.

1) Switching Sequence

First, turn on the control computer, then switch to the LED display.

First, turn off the LED display and then switch on the control computer.

2) Replace damaged or fractured screws, pins, bearing beams etc. in a timely manner.

3)Inspect products and the steel structure welding points for anti-corrosion and rust paint regularly. Engineers should spray anti-rust paint immediately if flaking or rusting occurs.

4) The power supply must be grounded and stable. In extreme natural conditions, such as thunderstorms, do not turn on the LED display. Regularly inspect the lightning rods and grounding systems.

5) Check for water leakage during rainy season.

6) Inspect the power supply and cables for signs of damage or bites by animals regularly.

7) Every half-year, check the power distribution system.

It is easy for an LED display to get dirty if it is exposed to the outdoors for long periods of time. To remove the dust, use ethyl alcohol, a hairbrush, or a vacuum cleaner. However, you should not use a wet cloth.

9) Test switching on and off, brightness adjustment, program listing, and other functions under the automatic default mode.

10) Outdoor LED display requires 2 hours or longer turn-off intervals. It should also be turned on at least once per week during the rainy season. It should also be used for at most 2 hours per month.

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