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Topgaana is an app that lets you listen to Indian music on your phone. Its database is vast and you can download songs as ringtones or listen to them in high-quality videos. You can create playlists and browse songs by genre and region. You can even download songs as MP3 ringtones.

Topgaana has a good range of Bollywood music available for free download. It also has a free tier where you can access free ringtones and HD videos. You can create customized playlists and listen to the top 20 songs every week. You don’t even need an account to download songs.

You can browse through Bollywood songs, English MP3 songs, regional music and Mirchi Play songs. You can also browse through the music library by genre or artist. The app has easy navigation and a large database of songs. There is a great range of genres available. Once you find a favorite song, you can download it for free.

Gaana offers over 30 million songs to download. Its library includes Bollywood songs, Hindi songs, Tamil music, and English songs. You can also subscribe to radio stations and listen to songs in other languages. Gaana also supports night mode.


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