Spider Control: How to Deal with a Spider Infestation

Spiders can be more difficult to deal with than other pests. The majority of DIY spider control products may not work on them. While most household spiders are not harmful, some of them can give a toxic bite that can be life-threatening. Thankfully, spider control experts will help you eliminate spiders quickly, safely, and effectively. They can offer comprehensive solutions that manage a current infestation and prevents spiders from invading your house in the future. You can learn more about this when you hire licensed preventative exterminators. 

Pest professionals will provide you with an honest evaluation of the spider infestation on your property. They will inspect your property thoroughly to find existing spiders, food sources, and nests. Then, they will offer a customized treatment that suits your needs. They will treat an active spider infestation, get rid of ugly webs, and seals every entry point in your house.  

Important Information About Spiders

While spiders don’t have antennae or wings, they can infest your house easily and become a nuisance. They tend to stay in dark, moist environments such as basements, closets, attics, and crawl spaces. They feed on insects, so an insect infestation can also become a spider infestation. A female spider can create egg sacs where their young are held. She can lay thousands of eggs in her lifetime. Without expert intervention, a new generation of spiders can emerge even if you have initially wiped out a population of spiders. To guarantee complete spider extermination, pest control professionals eliminate spiders at each stage of their life cycle, so they can no longer breed.

How Spiders Enter Your House

Spiders can make their way into your home in many ways including through improperly screened windows and doors. So, make sure you check for cracks in your window frames and doors. Also, spiders may infest your house by coming in on unmoved items and boxes. Spiders prefer to stay in areas that have not been disturbed for a long time. 

How to Know You Have a Spider Infestation

You may be facing a spider infestation in your home if you spot an increasing number of spider webs. These insects make these webs to make egg sacs and trap prey. If you can find a lot of spider webs in and around your house, there may be an increasing population of spiders. Spider webs can differ in the way they look. Other signs of spider infestations include the presence of burrows and painful spider bites. 

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