What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Gaming Laptop

For many, a laptop is a great investment that will last for several years. Here we give you an overview of the most important points you should think about before you buy a gaming laptop. In recent years the demand and popularity of gaming laptops has increased on a large scale. 

To satisfy the ultimate gamers the necessity of a gaming laptop

1. Screen size and resolution

Choose a screen size that suits what you are going to use your laptop for. If you travel a lot, a small screen is often more convenient than a large one. However, if you play a lot, for example, you should choose a larger screen that is suitable for games. Now lets see some most popular laptop sizes

  • 12-14 inches Laptop

These are often the thinnest and lightest models. If you want a small but powerful, you usually have to pay significantly more for the same performance in a small device than in a larger one. The reason is the technical challenges that must be solved in a small space.

  • 15-16 inches Notebook

A standard size that works fine for most things. The slightly more expensive models are powerful, but still small enough that it is easy to take with you on most things.

  • 17-20 inches Laptop

If you have to perform a lot of tasks with graphics and like to play, this may be a suitable size. These are often quite large and heavy PCs, which makes them less suitable for daily transport.

2. Processor and memory

For many, the most important thing is how fast the computer is. However, you do not need the most powerful machines for ordinary office and school work. You can quickly save several thousand kroner by going for a slightly slower PC. Without affecting the experience in any particular way. The vast majority of laptops are more than good enough if you just need to edit documents, play with photos and surf the internet. That said, you should stay away from the very cheapest laptops on the market. Low price means that the manufacturer has to cut somewhere, and if it does not go beyond performance, the battery life is often short or the machine itself is of lower quality.

You can also select a model with at least eight gigabytes of internal memory and an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor. It provides a good starting point for most things, except for very demanding computer games. If you are going to work with video and graphics or play, you should dig a little deeper into your wallet. Preferably 16 to 32 gigabytes of internal memory and at least one Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor.

3. Weight and storage space

If the PC is only to be used at home, it is less important how heavy it is. On the other hand, while you are going to carry it with you every day, a thinner and lighter model is an advantage. A few hundred grams may not feel like much when you are in the store, but it can still make a difference in everyday life.

If you are not going to store large amounts of video or photos, storage space is not that important. But we still recommend at least 128 gigabytes, and maybe preferably 256 gigabytes or more . Avoid mechanical hard drives, and instead choose a model with SSD to ensure better performance.

4. Keep track of battery life and keyboard

How much battery life do you need? Most laptops have many hours of battery life, but when the battery indicator is approaching red and the computer is running low, it is good if you have a bit to go on before you have to find the adapter. You should have at least six, and preferably eight hours or more to cover an entire working day.

5. Regular laptop, 2-in-1 or tablet

It is easier to take digital notes, draw, and create illustrations with a touch screen. Many laptops do not have a touch screen, but touch screens are becoming more common on Windows and Chrome OS PCs.

The best are models that support the active stylus that connects via Bluetooth. These have thinner tips than passive pointers and provide better precision. They often have additional function buttons associated with the software on your computer, which provides other features.

On laptops with a touch screen , but without the support of an active stylus , use your fingers or a passive stylus for touch screens. You can still draw and write, but you do not achieve the same precision or functionality as with an active stylus.

Tablets are an alternative to laptops when you need a smaller and simpler alternative, such as when you relax on the couch. All tablets have touch screens, and several models also support the active stylus.

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What game uses the most RAM?

The games that need more RAM are Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Halo etc. You should always make sure to get at least 16 GB RAM in your gaming laptop, anyhow of any other concern.

What else can a gaming laptop do?

The foremost benefit of a gaming laptop is the hardware, a powerful CPU and snapshots card. These two components can significantly improve other non-gaming duties such as video-editing or maybe watching HD media. In short, gaming notebooks are designed to be as speedy as feasible.

Buying gaming laptops sometimes becomes difficult especially for the beginners. In this regard we have arranged this guide so that the beginners get an easy way to buy a suitable gaming laptop for their niches. We hope that this guide will help them buy a suitable gaming laptop. CLS Computer also provide a wide range of configurable gaming laptop from Germany.

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