What Will You Do If Cops Do Not Arrive At The Car Crash Site?

Car accidents occur regularly, but the arrival of the police at the crash site is irregular. In many cases, the police don’t come at all or come after long hours.

Many pieces of evidence of the crash get erased by the time the police come to the spot. This is more so in the case of witnesses. The witnesses who saw the crash usually go away by the time the police visit the spot. They no longer find any person to substantiate the claim of the victim. You should hire a well-experienced Car accident attorney in Atlanta to fight for you.

The Atlanta police department has recently announced that cops may not come to the crash site if they don’t get any claim of physical damage or injury. The Atlanta Police won’t file a report on the car accident when the driver suffers a minor injury. The insurance lawyers may also use this as an alibi to avoid accepting their claims. In such a case, the victim should hire a lawyer.

Here’s what you need to do after any car accident without waiting for the cops:

Call Police Immediately

You must call 911 to inform the police about the site of the crash and seek their assistance with immediate effect. You should not delay dialing 911. Let the police come immediately on being alerted by you to examine the cause of the mishap.

Copy Car Number

In the court, you require the details of the driver of the other car that dashed against your vehicle. The police have to ascertain the driver’s details from the registration number of the vehicle. Unless the Atlanta police know the vehicle number, they cannot help you. Hence, note down the car or vehicle number immediately after the crash.

Collect Some Eye Witnesses

If an eyewitness testifies on your behalf in court, the insurance lawyer can’t deny your claim. Even if the police arrive at the spot after many hours, eyewitnesses can be of great help.

Take Photographs of Crash

Use your mobile phone to take photographs of the crash site. This is a major piece of proof of your innocence. It works as a legal document and helps you get a good amount of compensation from the defendant.

In Conclusion

You may have been driving following all the road safety rules, but the driver of another car or vehicle may dash against your car. It can lead to a serious injury. But you cannot prove it in the absence of a police report. After a mishap, you should consult the police and an attorney for help.

The best way to get the damages from an insurance company and the defendant is to sue them. Your attorney can build your case strongly with available circumstantial evidence to fight against the insurance company and help you receive the maximum possible compensation. Adhering to these basic ideas can help you after any mishap.

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