Which Services Fall Under Elder Law?

An elder law attorney can be helpful in many cases. Some people might think that an elder law attorney can assist in only a legal matter related to medical care or negligence. Although, there are multiple services that an elder law attorney will provide to you. You must contact a New Jersey estate planning lawyer to get started on different services. 

An older person must deal with multiple life aspects before settling down. For instance, the seniors in our family would be needed to manage their estate or withdraw their retirement savings. While some elders might think they could achieve their desired outcome out of such scenarios, it would be best to consult an attorney. 

You can expect the services listed below from an experienced elderly law attorney:

  • Estate planning 

An estate plan is an essential aspect of many people’s lives. The estate plan may cover the demands or wishes of the elderly regarding asset distribution. An estate plan may likely contain a will, trust, or Power of Attorney. Such documents can be drafted with the help of an elderly law attorney in New Jersey. An elder law attorney may focus on implementing goals and wishes in the elderly’s best interests. Aspects such as asset protection, long-term benefits from the plan, qualification of veteran’s benefits, etc., will be considered by an elderly law attorney. The Attorney may also support the elderly in understanding various strategies for reducing taxes for their beneficiaries. 

  • Legal assistance 

There are several public benefit programs for beneficiaries. Such programs can help the elderly facing low-income or low asset problems. Public benefit programs such as veterans’ or Medicaid programs can be achieved with the help of elderly law attorneys. The Attorney can assist the elderly in staying updated about such programs and any changes that could affect their eligibility or qualification. Apart from legal assistance, the Attorney may provide services to apply for such programs. 

  • Guardianship 

There might be circumstances where the elderly may be unable to make decisions for themselves. In such cases, the Attorney can help the elderly seek legal authority from the court. If assistance is needed with assets, a conservatorship can be obtained with the Attorney’s help. The attorney can also provide guardianship decisions for the elderly in cases where they cannot decide. 

  • Care and resources 

The elderly law attorney will provide services related to care and resources for the elderly. Generally, the elderly may need regular medical and nursing home care to perform daily tasks. The Attorney can helo the elderly obtain such services for their care. 

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